Sales Philosophy #12 – Promote, Promote, Promote

Sales Philosophy #12 – Promote, promote, promote.

I believe in consistent promotion.  I want customers and good prospects to receive at least one mailing from us every month.  I want each salesperson’s Top 20 accounts to receive yet another mailing – a letter, a copy of some research, a special article, whatever.

One of my favorite recollections is something that happened to me at a trade show a few years back.  I went up to a booth, spotted the name badge of the man that I had learned was the key person, and introduced myself.  “Hi, I’m Bill Windsor with Windsor Communications and SCREENplay Magazine; are you familiar with us?”

He responded: “Three times a month.”  I said, “I beg your pardon.”  He said “Three times a month.  Month in, month out, I receive at least three pieces of mail from you.  My secretary tells me we have one file drawer that she calls the ‘Windsor drawer.’  I must admit that we have adapted many of your promotional pieces for our own use.”

And with that endorsement, I began to ask questions about other ways in which we could serve as a member of his Marketing Department…all of which lead to a significant advertising contract backed by a variety of merchandising services.

For a period of several years, I used Ultra-Brite (neon) stock for a series of postcards.  I had a number of advertisers who told me that they would get a big stack of mail each day, but they’d spot those neon postcards sticking out, and they’d think of us and know it was from us before even taking a look.  One man confided that every time he saw one of those bright neon colors anywhere, he automatically thought of our magazine.

Promotion is important.  Targeted promotion is even more important.  By utilizing our computer system, you must retain details on accounts that will enable highly targeted promotional letters and material to be sent to specific accounts.  In these competitive times, this targeted, personalized promotion will be the most effective promotion you can do.

Identify every conceivable prospect!  Be fanatical about identifying and adding to the database every conceivable prospect for your company.  Always be on the lookout for new prospects.  And add information to the database that will cause targeted promotions to be sent to these prospects in the future.

Promote.  All the time.  On time.  On a regular basis. 

And convey a quality image.  You want to maintain a quality, professional image at all times.  This image is to be reflected in the appearance and content of all printed materials, spoken word, and actions.

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