Sales Philosophy #11 – Try to Develop Customers for Life

Sales Philosophy #11 – Try to develop customers for life.

I have an acquaintance in Dallas named Carl Sewell.  In the 1990s, he had a $250 million-a-year automobile business.  Carl had figured that each customer was worth $332,000 over a car-buying lifetime, and he obviously wanted that money spent at one of his dealerships. 

What does his company do to ensure the second, third, fourth, and fifth sales?  Well, let’s start with a fleet of 250 loaner cars made available to his customers when they have a car serviced.  Incidentally, the service rep will pick up the car to be repaired.  Trouble on the road?  If you bought your car from Sewell, just call the emergency number and a service technician will do everything from making you a new key to bringing you gasoline or repairing a flat tire – all at no charge.

His salespeople make a big deal out of delivering brightly polished new cars to the proud owners.  Customers are made to feel like Kings and Queens.  Salespeople always call within 24 hours of delivery to make sure everything is okay and that the customers are very happy.

Service is incredible.  Each salesperson makes it crystal clear to customers that if there is ever any problem, he is the one to call.  The salespeople stay in touch with their customers and monitor every service or repair visit.  The special touches just go on and on

And Carl was not satisfied to be only as good today as he was yesterday, so he studied from experts to learn how to be even better.

I sold an eighth of a page ad ($125) in the first issue of Impressions Magazine to a couple of Arabian guys in Chicago – A&G Sportswear.  It would have been easy to pay little attention to such a small advertiser.  Fortunately, we didn’t know any better, and we didn’t.  Sixteen years later, they were still regular advertisers – now running eight pages in each of the fifteen issues. 

What we want are customers who are with us year after year.  To get that, we have to work really hard to be much more than a company to each and every one of our customers.

Supply the little extras that give you an edge.  Have a little flair.

Remember: “And then some.”  Give people more than they expect.  Deliver more than you promise.  Do what it takes to set yourself apart from the pack.

Paying attention to your customers will pay big results.

Deliver customer satisfaction. 

Provide fabulous customer service. 

One of the Company’s primary goals is to provide excellent service to the many people who are customers of our company.  To our employees, we say believe in our company and what we are striving to accomplish.  Take pride in our company.  Help our effort to be successful by doing more than just putting in your time.  We hope you will look upon your association with our company as something more than “just a job;” with that type of attitude, we will all work to try to develop customers for life.

The one thing no business has enough of is customers.  If you want to have them and keep them, what you do after the sale matters more than what you do to get it.

The customer may not always be right, but is always the customer.

Create a role for yourself as a consultant, an ancillary employee.

If we don’t take care of the customer, someone else will.

When we take care of our customers, we take care of ourselves.

Have impeccable manners. 

Keep your promises.

Show respect for other people’s time.

Promise big.  Deliver big.

The goal is to develop customers for life.  It can be done by really concentrating on customer satisfaction, providing great customer service, and doing more than is expected.

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