Sales Philosophy #8 – Be a Student to the End of Your Days

Philosophy #8 – Be a student to the end of your days.

Never stop learning.  Study. 

Most people study diligently in school to prepare for life and their chosen career.  Then they graduate and expect the rest to just happen.

Commit yourself to constant self-improvement.

Learn something new every day.  Force yourself every day to do something new; expose yourself to new experiences.

There are learners and nonlearners.  There are people who learn, who are open to what happens around them, who listen, who hear the lessons.  When they do something stupid, they don’t do it again.  And when they do something that works a little bit, they do it even better and harder the next time.

Education can help you avoid the high price you pay for experience.  Education is a lot less painful than learning the hard way.

Remember, second is last of you don’t get the sale.  The difference is often a slight edge to one salesperson.

Keep learning.  You will always have things to learn about selling.  You learn every day, and you learn from everyone.  Every prospect makes you that much stronger, whether you sell them or not.  You learn with every objection, problem, situation, personality.

Maintain a constant self-improvement program.  Read, study, and think about being a professional salesperson.  Take as many sales and self-improvement courses as you can; attend seminars; listen to cassettes; watch videotapes; read books.  Read at least one business-oriented book a month.

Become highly skilled at what you do.  Practice, drill, and rehearse.

Reading the material provided will provide some benefits, but to be really worthwhile, you must learn the information provided.  Then you must learn to apply it, because knowledge for the sake of knowledge is worth very little.  Use the following formula as your learning system:

1.  Impact – When you are interested in a subject, you remember details about it more easily.  So, psyche yourself up to learn.  Dwell on how much the knowledge is going to help you; visualize the benefits you are going to get from possessing it.  This will intensify the impact of the material you are studying, and you will learn it faster.

2.  Repetition – the key to learning.  Repeat anything often enough and it will be learned.  Repeat and review information, statements, questions, closing techniques, etc. until you know them.  Effective repetition means you write it, read it, speak it, and hear it.

3.  Utilization – Use it or lose it!  Use your sales skills or you will lose them.  You can’t wear out knowledge and skills.  Knowledge takes on greater depth and meaning through hard use.  Skills become strong and tough through hard use.  Knowledge is worth very little until it is utilized.  Apply what you have learned every day.  During the training process, concentrate each day on at least one specific skill that you have learned.

4.  Internalization – When the knowledge and skills become second nature, you have internalized what you have learned.  This will give you tremendous power.

5.  Reinforcement – The more professional and talented an athlete or a salesperson, the more he must practice and train.  When you review your knowledge and skills, you reinforce your learning and maintain your skills.

If you will study and learn the material that I provide to you; if you apply it to your sales efforts; and if you routinely review the information, practice, and study, you will become one of the best salespeople in the world.  And you will become far more successful than you are now.  But you have to make a commitment to be a student for the rest of your days.

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