Sales Philosophy #2 – The Shortest Pencil in the World is Better Than the Longest Memory.

Sales Philosophy #2 – The shortest pencil in the world is better than the longest memory. (So, write it down.) 

It’s probably no surprise to you that I like to see things in writing.  Researchers say that people generally fall into one of three categories – they prefer to see things, hear things, or feel things.  I guess that makes me a see-er.

Researchers have also proven that people learn more and retain more when they involve more of the senses.  So, in my case, I sincerely feel that I absorb more when I hear something or see something and also take notes and write something at the same time.  In addition, my notes become powerful information that I retain and use as needed.  People see that I am listening and involved; they also see that I have a record of what takes place.  I often dazzle people with my “memory.”

I’m a list person, so I naturally feel other people should consider becoming list people, too.  I keep ongoing lists of “Things To Do.”  I encourage you to keep a running list!

50/10 Rule:  We hear only 50% and remember only 10% of what we hear; that means we retain only 5% of what is said.  This applies to each of us and to our customers and prospects.  We can beat the 50/10 Rule by taking notes and writing things down.  We can compensate for the 50/10 Rule with our customers and prospects through repetition and by involving more of their senses when we make personal or telephone sales calls.  Using visuals will definitely increase retention of our messages.

Do you know who Herman Ebbinghaus is?  The Ebbinghaus Curve?  Dr. Ebbinghaus is the authority who has documented how quickly the mind forgets new information.  His studies are used to enforce the importance of repetition because repetition is the key to learning and is one of the keys to effective advertising.  When selling, use repetition.

Don’t trust your memory; write it down.  The shortest pencil in the world is better than the longest memory.


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