Approach – Approaching the Prospect

The salesperson only gets one chance to make a first impression. What happens in the first 30 seconds can be more important than anything else you say or do!

Packed into the first few minutes of the “approach” are three important objectives:

1.  To gain the favorable attention of the prospect,

2.  To begin to establish trust, and

3.  To develop the prospect’s attention into positive interest.

These are accomplished through your appearance, your actions, and what you say. All are equally important in these first critical moments.

The prospect’s first impression is a visual one. If he is favorably impressed, he is more likely to want to listen to you. If he is not, everything you say or do must overcome a handicap to succeed.

Appearance is the total of many things. It is taste, cleanliness, attitude, and general self-respect. The salesperson’s attitude should be one of confidence. He must show confidence in his product, his company, and in himself. Any lack of confidence as revealed by his manner, facial expression, or speech may be quickly noticed by the prospect.

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