Approach – Preparation for the Approach

Just as a professional athlete must prepare himself physically and mentally before a game, so must the salesperson.

The following preparation must be made:

  1. Know your product.
  2. Plan your strategy.
  3. Check the “field of play.”
  4. Look in the mirror.
  5. Get psyched up.
  6. Get fired up.
  7. Turn on the powers of observation.

Know Your Product

The salesperson must know everything there is to know about his product, the facilities, activities, prices, payment plans, and everything else.  When the salesperson knows this information perfectly, he will be more confident and relaxed.  This self-confidence will show when he meets the prospect for the first time.

Plan your strategy.

The salesperson must have a planned presentation, which includes everything from where he wants his prospect to sit to what he is going to show to what types of questions he will be asking.  With all of this information prepared and pre-planned, the salesperson will know exactly what he is going to do and how to do it.  This will provide a basic foundation on which to build during the presentation.

This planning will enable the salesperson to give the prospect an organized and understandable sales presentation, leading the prospect in any direction he wants.

Check the “field of play.”

The salesperson must be sure that everything is in place, including printed materials, coffee and soft drinks, videotapes and other visual materials, contracts, a pen, etc.  The sales office should also be checked for cleanliness, including the public restroom facilities.  Everything should be right!

Look in the mirror.

The salesperson must take time to stand in front of the mirror before he meets his prospect.  He should check his clothes, shoes, fingernails, hair, and overall appearance.  He should make sure he doesn’t have bad breath, dandruff, or body odor.  He must look neat and well-groomed at all times.

Get psyched up.

While looking in the mirror, the salesperson should tell himself that he is the best salesperson around and that he is going to make the sale.  This is a form of self-hypnosis, and it can really work.  He should also loosen up and get his blood flowing before meeting the prospect.  This can be done by shaking his arms at his sides and over his head.

The salesperson must remember that he is the leader. He will take control and lead his prospect to a sale.

Get fired up.

The salesperson should go somewhere alone before he meets his prospect.  By being alone and thinking positive thoughts, he will build up a positive force field that will completely surround him.  When he meets the prospect for the first time, the positive vibes will rub off.

The salesperson needs enthusiasm as well as positive thoughts.  He can build enthusiasm and excitement by clapping his hands together at a steadily increasing pace, or drumming a pencil on the table building the tempo, or pushing the fingertips of one hand against the other.

Turn on the powers of observation.

Start absorbing information about the prospect even before the introduction.

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